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The New York Board of Rabbis helps policymakers, the media and the public to understand the needs of the Jewish community and how religious principles contribute in making important decisions in our lives each and every day.

Through advocacy, we help the people we serve by making their views and voices heard. We work at the City, State, Federal and international levels to protect the interests of Israel and the global Jewish community at large. Together we seek to collaborate with other institutions so that our collective voices and vision are even more powerful.

Whether advocating as registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Member at the United Nations on behalf of Jewish concerns or addressing government officials, the NYBR presents a unified voice in order to protect the interest of the Jewish people. We are privileged to have Dr. Eve Epstein, President of Epstein & Associates, as the NYBR’s United Nations Consultant.

We also meet with representatives of different nations when necessary in making our case for a particular cause. We also sit with heads of colleges and universities to express our thoughts about proper protection of Jewish students who support the State of Israel.  Our missions to Israel give us the opportunities of meeting government officials, non-governmental leaders as well as different organizational groups to understand the complexities of different issues.