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"We are a safe haven of both professional development and soulful fellowship for all the rabbis in our cherished fold."


The New York Board of Rabbis stands as a beacon of hope for rabbis, for all Jews, and for all friends of the Jewish people in New York and around the world. Our Board represents the possibility of creating Jewish unity beyond our very real differences of practice, philosophy, and belief.  Our one-hundred thirty-six years of existence proves that our shared values and history are more important than our distinctions.

We are the largest aggregation of rabbis in the world. We comprise seven hundred fifty rabbis from all streams and denominations of Judaism, including many hundreds of rabbis from far beyond the New York area. Our members take great pride in the camaraderie which we experience in each other’s presence. We learn from each other’s professional skills, life experiences, and points of view about Judaism and Jewish life. Together we represent the bright future of the Jewish people.

Nursing homes, correctional facilities, hospitals, developmentally disabled group homes, and other institutions look to us as the gold standard for endorsing and providing Jewish chaplains. Our chaplains bring hope to Jews and others in places of loneliness and isolation.

We are the primary Jewish address that Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Mormons, Evangelicals, and Asian religionists look to for productive interfaith dialogue with the Jewish community.

We are proud to be designated as an NGO at the United Nations Department of Public Information. International consulates and missions readily turn to us for serious conversation with Jewish leadership.

Both the Israeli Consulate in New York and the Israeli Mission to the United Nations maintain close ties of cooperation and trusted friendship with us.

We travel to Israel in solidarity with our people and our Jewish state. We travel elsewhere in the world (most recently to Rome, IT) to represent Judaism as a positive voice.

Our Board offers to rabbis of all ages an array of professional educational opportunities throughout the year, including: High Holy day and Passover sermon seminars; conversations about elder abuse; path-breaking education in domestic abuse training and response; and workshops on Jewish education and outreach to inter-marrieds, millennials, and disenfranchised Jews.

Our Lay Advisory works tirelessly to give us financial and spiritual support in the wider community.

Our Executive Vice President and staff exemplify the good name of the Jewish people everywhere.

We are a safe haven of both professional development and soulful fellowship for all the rabbis in our cherished fold.

Please join us, support us, and help us to continue our sacred task.

Rabbi Lester Bronstein, President
New York Board of Rabbis