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The NYBR provides opportunities for rabbis of different denominations to come together for study, professional development, continuing rabbinical education (CRE) and building collegial relationships.  In recent years, this dialogue has expanded to include the voices of communal lay leadership  which is critical to building and maintaining the bonds of Jewish Peoplehood.

We seek to address these matters by developing programming to promote better channels of communication among the diverse denominations. We convene educational forums for multi-denominational learning and mutual understanding. The NYBR coordinates and sponsors missions to Israel to meet with public officials to raise awareness about Diaspora concerns from a multi-denominational perspective. The NYBR is committed to developing future generations of leaders capable of engaging in productive debates, understanding other viewpoints, advocating on behalf of Jews irrespective of their denominational affiliation and mobilizing action when needed—all of which are crucial to the betterment of the Jewish community.