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Lasting security in our world is built on trust and respect for one another. The growth of interfaith relationships among religious leaders has enabled our respective communities to overcome many insidious threats of society that have arisen all too often.

As a representative voice of the Jewish community on the Commission of Religious Leaders (CORL), The NYBR seeks to build communal areas of cooperation. Rabbi Potasnik serves as the Vice President for CORL.  It is only when we respect the beauty of our own tradition that we can recognize the importance of other religions of the human family.

The NYBR enjoys strong working relations with leaders of various faith traditions including the Archdiocese of New York, the Council of Churches in the City of New York as well as representatives of the Hispanic, LDS Church, Muslim and Evangelical communities. We share common concerns that require collaborative efforts in seeking solutions to the challenges confronting society including prejudice, mental health, affordable housing, adequate health insurance, poverty and homelessness.

When prejudice harms any member of a community, we are all harmed. When people of faith protest together against such injustice, a strong message is sent. Our work in this area allows us to be there for each other in times of crisis as well as times of celebration.