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Each Spring, the New York Board of Rabbis in cooperation with the Mariano Rivera Foundation hosts its annual Humanitarian Awards Reception.  On one special night we recognize extraordinary individuals who prioritize humanitarian work either professionally or personally.  This year we are proud to honor Larry Fishelson, Alan Phillips and Michael N. Rosenblut on Monday evening, June 11, 2018 at Friedmans at the Hotel Edison in New York City.

In previous years we have presented awards to Michael R. Bloomberg, His Eminence Timothy Cardinal Dolan, Mr. Vincent Pitta, Mr. Robert Tucker, Mr. Michael Dowling, Mr Jay Hershenson, Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright, Ms. Caryl Stern, Mr. Scott Herman, Mr. Anthony Ferreri, Reverend A.R. Bernard, Mr. Bruce Ratner and Mr. Mariano Rivera.  We have also given special recognition to Mr. Bruce Mosler and Mr. Joseph Coppotelli. We are proud to celebrate the great works of so many New Yorkers ​at ​our Awards Dinner.

The NYBR dedicates itself to fostering an understanding of the Jewish faith and is concerned with the well-being of all religious communities.  We are proud that the NYBR ​teaches us that we who believe in different faiths belong to one human family. ​Funds raised from the dinner will go toward furthering the work of NYBR and the Mariano Rivera Foundation.

Your participation and support of this event are greatly appreciated.